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Check Air India PNR Status Online for a Hassle-Free Journey
21.08.2013 10:48


Air India is one of the premier flight service providers and flies to over twenty destinations within India. Connecting the tourist and commercial hubs of India, its extensive network makes it popular as a choice of flight among business travelers as well as tourists. If you are looking to explore the magnificent city of India, Air India has a wide range of flight timings to choose from. The flights begin early in the morning and continue up to late evening or night so that travelers have maximum flexibility in choosing which Air India flight to travel by. The official Air India website allows passengers to browse through flight schedules so that they can easily choose the flight timing that fits in best with their itinerary and make flight bookings. There is an online web check- in facility and a section to redeem frequent flier mileage points. Apart from this, one can check Air India PNR status online to keep track of his or her Air India flight booking.


Air India offers its passengers three seat categories to choose from namely First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. All three categories have comfortable seating and all the in-flight dining and other facilities are top- quality. Flight bookings on Air India can also be made through various travel websites. Do look out for seasonal discounts and promotional offers on the ticket fares for more savings on your flight costs. Once your tickets are booked, you can check your Air India PNR status online for any updates relating to your flight schedule and ticket. This PNR checking facility is available on the official online website as well as a few online travel portals.



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